Much, Much further along…and two years later?

I’ve got to the point where the mirror is fairly good correction as you can see from this Figxp analysis below. The amazing thing, I just noticed, was my previous post was almost two years ago to the date, June 1, 2014. Well, what can I say, the time it took to get here was interrupted by various life issues, jobs, job losses, finances, age, whatever you call it, mirror making is almost a constant. But there are a few things I discovered with this mirror at this point which are not obvious with the Figxp test. Doing a star test, I noticed I have some astigmatism with this mirror, and I believe I know where it came from. During the polishing operation,  I failed to rotate the position of the mirror on the turntable as frequently as i should have, and this was the result. I’m not actually calling this complete at the moment, and still want to do some more work on the mirror get better smoothing between the zones, This is very careful work with pressing of the lap and figuring going for only 15 minutes, or less at a time.