Merry Christmas! and on to 5 Micron WAO

Starting to see reflection in the glass from low angle. Spent about three hours fine grinding with nine micron WAO. surface looks pretty uniform, and now apparent scratches, pits or problems. Decided to move to 5 Micron WAO today, Christmas Day. Moved the post to other side of machine so as to promote even wear with castor wheels below turntable.IMG_0062. The caster wheels are pretty basic, from Lowes rubber fixed wheels. They probably have over 50 hours of rotation on them and so far they are holding up. My method of beveling the edge uses the machine advantage as well. I made the device shown in the image where I used gorilla glue to attach a diamond grinder from Harbor Freight tools at a 45 degree angle. (Image is before I started the work) I’m fortunate to have my fixed post with a 3/8″ threaded end in it and using a cap screw I could attached the diamond grinding device I made to the post. Positioning the overarm and lowering the fixed post carefully down through the guide hole, I get the bevel generated in about 10 minutes.IMG_0009 Here’s an image of the machine in action. It works pretty well, but I had to redo the design of the turntable by using the castor wheels. When I did this, I had to raise the height of the turntable about two inches. This in turn required me to raise the height of my overarm which I had already made using some scrap timber from a wood pallet. This can be useful material, because it is typically hard wood, and in my case free, and perfect for the purpose I intended. My temporary solution, and what works for now, is using blocks under neath each end of overarm to get the added height.The 4″ c-clamps were planned to be used all the time and are functional for holding the overarm during work. So today got one hour of 5 micron fine grindging in, but would be nice if weather warms up a bit, instead of being like winter in the north!

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