New 25 Inch Truss Scope Project

i have been considering a larger refined telescope design compared to my 16 inch scope I’ve been working on far too long now. So much time has gone by that technology has changed and software has changed to a point where I was able to created this design shown here using CAD software in 3D. The design has been worked down to the last bolt in detail as well as a 54 point mirror cell design based on PLOP analysis with a 1.5 inch thick mirror. The mirror cell is made entirely aluminum strips positioned in precise patterns to meet the PLOP analysis Cylinder3B_A1_NLy-No borderrequirements, which I will show in detail in the future. The design is not complete, however it is driven by the same design concepts I have tried to implement with my previous scope, that is simplicity and ease of manufacturing the necessary parts and components. There are still challenges i have to work out, but these will come with time. My goal is to make this as low a profile as possible. The focal length is 103 inches, mirror diameter 25 inches. I do have some vignetting at the eyepiece still which needs to be resolved, and i am looking at redoing the cage ring to a hexagonal shape which i believe will be will be easier to make. Keep referring to page to stay updated . Thanks for visiting!