Finally…going to coat this mirror.

As recently as last week i added a post, which came almost two years to the date of when I made my last post on grinding, polishing and figuring my plate glass mirror, or as I call the PGM. This is the third of my 16″ F4 mirror. If you want to read the history of why there were two other mirrors prior to this one, previous posts will divulge the unfortunate incidents where both of them were destroy by accidents. So here, finally is my last FigXP analysis of the surface error. I am quite impressed with the tested surface error. However, I have as yet to perform a star test. Given the quality and results of this test, and baring any dramatic visual errors evident from the star test, i will likely move on to coating this mirror. I’ve ┬áspent an unbelievable amount of time getting to this point, and without the use of my grinding and polishing machine which is described in previous posts, years were accumulated in finishing the mirror to the figuring stage. So with the machine, I was dead set on getting the mirror completely done in 6 months. I did not meet this target,obviously, but looks like I will be cutting the time in half or better. My latets FigXP results posted below are quite pleasing to me at this time.PGM_10999-43_Surface